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pregnancy-917758__180“Will I get my figure back?” is one of THE BIGGEST questions on MOST pregnant women’s minds.

I literally receive HUNDREDS of emails every week from women who are worried (even depressed) about their weight gain.

They all want to control HOW MUCH weight they gain in the hope that it WILL allow them to get their body back afterwards.

Take it from me, by following my program you WILL lose your weight and get your body back for sure!!! I’ve helped thousands of women and I can help you too!!

That’s not to say you can’t do it on your own, some women can, but others need a lot of help. They need to sort out what’s the truth and what’s a lie. They need specific guidance. But you need to know how. I did it and I know you can too!

Here’s the mistake one woman (an acquaintance of mine) made…

Last week I met an old friend in the park who is 5 months and has already gained 26 pounds (12kg)! When I asked her what she’s eating, she said she’s pretty much eating everything and anything she wants! This is her 4th pregnancy and after every pregnancy she goes through “hell” to take her weight off – she starves herself AND runs miles a day to shed those extra pounds.

Wow, I said to her, you have A LOT of will power! I never would’ve been able to go cut my calories like that, let alone force myself to run miles a day. She looked at me like I was nuts and then it CLICKED! She thought I was the one with the willpower – choosing to eat healthy and keep active during my pregnancy!

For all those years and after all of those dreadful post-pregnancy months of pounding the pavement, she thought I was the one with the willpower, something that she couldn’t do! Uh- Uh, my way was relatively effortless compared to hers! A little goes a long way, right? RIGHT!

I gained 43 pounds (20kg) during my pregnancy and took it off after 4 months (and a little more for my tummy!) without much effort at all.

“Hi Michelle,

Were the photos of you doing the exercises taken before or after pregnancy? You look really good! How long did it take for you to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight?

Take care,

Well, Krista, those photos were taken AFTER I delivered my baby (between 6 and 12 months!). And as I said before – I was able to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight around 4 months after delivery.

So WHAT did I do DURING my pregnancy that made it so easy for me AFTERWARDS?

SECRET #1: Healthy eating (which I’m sure you’ve heard 1000 times, but you MUST get your eating in line with weight loss!!) And my 2 BEST Secrets for this are 1) NUTRITIONAL VALUE and 2) the 3-Meal RULE. Just like gasoline has different grades, so does food. Good quality food will give you a long steady ride, while poor quality food will give you a short, bumpy ride. My SECRET really takes food to the next level for you so you’re eating to support weight LOSS not weight GAIN!!

SECRET #2: Keep Active (and NO this is not exercise!). Exercise is not the secret like so many people think. Keeping active is! Learn the difference between exercise and activity in my book and how you TOO can get your body melting your pounds efficiently and effectively.

SECRET #3: Working WITH, not against, your BODY TYPE (something important that most women ignore!). You must not only learn which exercises are the best for your body type, but which foods you should eat AND what clothes you should wear.


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Updated: March 21, 2016 — 5:57 pm
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