Tips For Weight Loss After Pregnancy

Tips To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

There are many new things a new mother needs to think about right after giving birth.



Things like the best time to feed baby, keeping track of various medicines and vaccination schedule. However, one of the more common issues that a new mother has to face is the gained weight during the pregnancy. Most of the women are recommended to put on 25 to 30 pounds of weight during pregnancy and everyone wants to get rid of that excess weight after giving birth.

The good news is that if you are willing to watch your eating habits and do physical exercise regularly, it is possible to lose all of the weight gained during pregnancy, in just a few months.

Health experts are of the opinion that women should focus on losing this weight, as weight gain during pregnancy has been associated with obesity, later in life. Here are a few tips for weight loss after pregnancy.

Avoid Dieting

This advice sounds counterintuitive to many women but the truth is that new mothers are already under a lot of stress due to many needs of the baby. If they start dieting, it puts them under a lot of stress and that stress is not good for the health of the mother. Therefore, it is recommended to have a balanced diet.

Also, one should focus on eating healthy foods and replace various snacks (processed foods) with other healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is important to consume at least 1800 cal a day to ensure that you are able to produce the milk that is needed by the baby, if you are breastfeeding.

Eat Lots of Super Foods

There is a ton of super foods available these days. For instance, Chia seeds, flax seeds, fish, milk and yoghurt are all packed with nutrients that can help you in getting your daily nutrient without putting in too many calories in your body. For instance, Chia seeds are known to provide high quantities of calcium, magnesium and many other nutrients with very few calories.

Similarly, fish is packed with DHA that is not only good for you but also good for your baby. Also, milk and yoghurt are rich in calcium that is needed to keep the body strong.

Drink Lots of Water

Everyone knows water has a lot of benefits. The biggest benefit is that it clears all of the toxins in your body and keeps you hydrated. As far as the quantity of water is concerned, if you are going to the bathroom every 3 to 4 hours and your urine is relatively clear, it means you’re drinking enough water.


Exercise not only helps you with weight loss but it also helps with sleep issues as well as postpartum depression. It also helps in reducing stress. As far as exercise is concerned, you are not required to go to the gym; instead, many doctors recommend brisk walk with baby in the stroller.

It is enough to get your muscles working and heart pumping. As far as the total time is concerned, 150 min a week is considered adequate.

Weight loss after pregnancy is possible but you need to follow a schedule and have discipline. If you are not losing weight after following above tips, it is recommended to take the help of a dietician and your doctor.

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