Pregnancy Deep Core Exercise!



Excellent Deep Core Exercise!

As we all know getting in shape is one thing, but staying in shape is another.

During pregnancy it’s not only important to keep active, but it’s important to strengthen the muscles that are naturally weakening.

If you do not strengthen your CORE muscles, things like urinary leakage (very common during and after pregnancy!), lower back soreness, hemorrhoids and abdominal splitting may happen.

So what is a good SIMPLE exercise?

I really like the Leg Fall Out. It’s easy and effective, but you REALLY need to concentrate on making the correct movement to get the appropriate muscles firing (working).

If you do not get the correct muscles working this exercise will feel like it’s too easy and a waste of time.

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Preparation: Lie on your back with your knees bent (1st trimester only). Set your core by contracting the Transverse Abdominals (TVA) and anterior pelvic floor muscles. Keep your buttocks relaxed. If you are more than 4 months pregnant perform this exercise in an incline position in a chair.
Movement: Slowly drop one knee out to the side and back in while maintaining the core throughout the entire movement. Watch for the opposite hip to lift. The key is to keep your hips level using your core, do not let your hip pop up.
Note: It’s a very simple, but effective exercise and the movement is very intricate, so really pay attention to your body. For more detailed instructions on this important exercise and many more like it, click here.

Also remember it’s important to get your doctor’s okay before you begin this or any type of exercise program.

1. If your opposite hip lifts up, shorten your range of motion
2. If you are more than 4 months pregnant perform this exercise in an incline position in a chair
Repetitions: Perform 4 per leg
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