#1 Food to PREVENT Post-partum Depression….

pregnancy-814905__180One of the key minerals involved in depression is Zinc.
It’s the Zinc-Copper relationship that’s a critical one. And not only is it important post-partum, it’s also critical during “the delivery process”.
In fact contractions won’t begin without the proper zinc-copper balance! Copper levels increase and zinc levels decrease.
After birth these two mineral ratios must go back to normal, where the zinc is in higher concentrations. This ratio is critical as it will help mom adjust to the postpartum experience and respond to the needs of her baby. Without it she may suffer from depression.
The problem is that many women stop taking their vitamins after baby is born. Whether it’s a lack of time, lack of priority or the belief that “prenatals are only for baby”, a lot of women go without any supplements.

But during the first year especially, zinc is critical. That’s why I strongly recommend that you keep taking a good quality post-natal vitamin.

You can also concentrate on getting more zinc in your food. Other than meats, dairy products such as milk and cheese, peanuts, beans, wholegrain cereals, breads and brown rice are good sources.

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The current statistics say that post-partum depression (PPD) affects 1 in 5 women!
And the following symptoms of PPD can occur anytime in the first year…
• Sadness
• Hopelessness
• Emptiness
• Inability to be comforted
• Inability to enjoy things
• Withdrawal
• Low self-esteem
• Guilt
• Sleep disturbances
• Eating disturbances
• Exhaustion
• Easily frustrated
• Feeling inadequate in taking care of the baby
Whether it’s hormones, mineral imbalances, new responsibilities or sleep deprivation, post-partum depression is real and it feels terrible. Because of this, whether breastfeeding or not, it’s critical that you continue to take care of yourself.
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