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Are you wishing that you were having a winter pregnancy so you could bundle your pregnant belly (and body) up?
Now that weather’s improving for many of us, it’s safe to say we’re all more conscious of our bodies. Nevermind the heat (that in itself can make you feel uncomfortable and swollen), but how about all those pregnancy changes that you now have to deal with – cellulite, stretch marks, melasma, varicose veins?

Luckily, the good news is that you don’t have to wait till after baby is delivered to actually do something about it. There are some effective pregnancy exercises that are both easy and safe to do to tone your arms, butt and thighs.
But Before You Start…Be Sure to Warm Up!

During pregnancy, you absolutely must warm-up before doing any type of exercise. Why? Because your warm-up prepares your body for exercise.

A warm-up consists of doing anything cardiovascular, continuous, and at a slower pace. If you don’t have any cardiovascular equipment at home, walking will do.


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1. Step Ups – find a set of stairs and a railing. Place your foot on the first, second or third step (depending on your difficulty level) and slowly pull yourself up to standing, raising the knee of your non-working leg to hip level (you might have to angle your leg out if your belly is getting in the way!).

Concentrate on pressing through your heel and lifting slowly, NOT pushing from your bottom foot. Do the same side 15 times and then alternate. Make sure you hold on to the railing (your balance IS compromised right now!)
2. Plies (with Kegels!) – stand with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart, toes pointed outwards. Slowly squat down towards the floor, making sure your knees stay over your ankles at all times. Do a kegel at the bottom, then squeeze your bum, press your knees back and come up to standing.

Repeat 15 times. For extra intensity, hold at the bottom (knees bent) and then do 15 baby bounces.

(Remember to get your Health Care Provider’s OK before doing any of these exercises.)
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Updated: September 8, 2015 — 8:17 pm
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