Are You Gaining Weight TOO FAST?

speaker-649039__180Lately there’s been a TON of media covering pregnant and post-pregnant celebrities.
In fact, everywhere you turn some tabloid is commenting on HOW MUCH weight so and so gained and HOW FAST she took if off.
Believe you me, I do NOT love to read all of those tabloid magazines, but even I get sucked in to reading how much each celebrity gained!
And the thing I find most interesting is that even the celebrities don’t keep to the rule of only gaining 25-35 pounds (11kg-15kg). Britney Spears gained 50 pounds (23kg) and Kate Hudson gained 60 pounds (27kg). Even Katie Holmes was rumored to have gained more than 40 pounds (18kg) during her pregnancy.
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So why are we gaining so much weight these days?

I get so many emails from stressed mothers asking me how to minimize their weight gain.
Well here’s the truth….
A woman’s weight gain DURING pregnancy is dependent on her PRE-PREGNANCY weight.
Meaning Kate Hudson and Britney Spears (to name a few) who were underweight to begin with, gained the right amount of weight for their size! They started low and they gained more than “normal”.
Does that mean they were overeating?
Not at all. This even happened to me. I ate well and exercised my entire pregnancies, but I gained 43 pounds (20kg) during my first pregnancy and 50 pounds (23kg) for my second.
Everyone commented on how amazing I looked and that I only gained weight in my tummy area.
Not until I set out to do my own investigating on women’s body weight during pregnancy did I understand what was going on. I was always baffled as to why some women only gained 15 pounds (7kg), while others gained 50 or 60.
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Updated: March 21, 2016 — 7:05 pm
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