#1 SECRET to Healthy Eating!

maternity-830683__180Before I begin, here’s a quote from one of my subscribers….

“Hi , I’m not proud to admit it, but my pre-pregnancy eating habits were less than healthy! Now that I’m pregnant, I’m definitely feeling more responsible about the food choices I’m making. Any way you could do a quick newsletter on how to ‘eat well’ (kind of like a Nutrition 101)? I know there’s a ton of info on which foods to avoid etc., but for a pregnant junk-food lover like me, I could use some good simple info!
Los Angeles, USA”

Hi Britney, great question!

Way to go about caring what you put in your body! You’re doing a HUGE favor for both your baby and yourself.

For a lot of women, other than trying to find the TIME to eat well, figuring out WHAT to eat can be difficult. My best advice to you is eat Whole Foods.

Wherever possible eat like our ancestors “would have” and focus on the more natural foods. AVOID all the processed, sugary, packaged foods and eat with whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds as much as possible. Whole foods are the “GOOD foods” the ones that have not been processed and stripped of nutrients.

When foods are packaged, bleached, refined and processed, the ‘good stuff’ is taken out and you’re pretty much left with a meal of empty calories (i.e., white sugar products like white bread, crackers etc.!). This will not only leave you undernourished, but it will cause you to gain more weight because your body will constantly be seeking out more food.

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For example, choose brown rice instead of polished white rice. An apple instead of concentrated apple juice. The same goes for eating “no fat” or calorie reduced foods. Often the fat is taken out and replaced with less-than-optimal ingredients, so beware not to get stuck in this trap – choose wisely!

Another thing you should aim to do is Eat Balanced Meals. This will not only help you maintain your energy, but it will help you manage your weight AND control food cravings.
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