Is this food TRAP packing on YOUR pounds during pregnancy?

awaiting-19026__180Do you ever start your day with great intentions to eat healthy and stay in tune with your body only to be disappointed with yourself when you step on the scale?
Although we do need to consume more calories during pregnancy, we do NOT have to eat non-nutritious junk food like so many pregnant women do.
Have you ever caught yourself or someone you know saying “oh well, I’m pregnant, I’ll eat better/be more strict with what I put in my mouth AFTER my baby is born”.
If yes, do NOT get stuck in this trap!

The bottom line is the more weight you put on DURING your pregnancy, the longer it will take to lose it afterwards! So although it is tempting to “let go” and indulge in your wildest food cravings because things are “off the record” in a sense, it is NOT a good idea.
Not to mention, your little one is sharing your food, so to speak, so if the extra unwanted calories from the junk food aren’t motivating you to keep away, try remembering that your baby is eating as you do.

Now you ABSOLUTELY can have a treat once in a while, but make it just that once-in-a-while and for the remainder of the time try to eat well and remain active.
You really want to avoid any and all food traps.
What exactly is a “food trap”? Food traps include standing and eating (you consume way more this way), eating too fast or even taste testing your little one’s food before you give it to her (that is, if you already have a little one).
But one of the biggest food traps that I warn my subscribers about on a regular basis is….avoid late night nibbling!
As I’m sure you know it’s often in those late evening hours that we tend to lose control and indulge in less-than-healthy foods.
I do want to reiterate that I have no problem with indulgence – but it’s just the frequency and the time of these indulgences that concern me. Too much, too late will cause you to gain unnecessary weight!
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So what’s the solution to break late night nibbling?
As a general rule you want to consume most of your calories DURING the day when you’re active, and NOT when you’re lying on the couch half asleep.
I always like to think of food as energy. The energy you put in your body MUST be used, otherwise it will be stored, and storage equals fat! So, unless you’re planning to go for a midnight workout you WILL store fat with your late night nibbling.
Just as a side note – when I’m talking about nighttime nibbling, I’m certainly not referring to those of you with morning sickness who NEED a late night snack to keep the nausea at bay OR those of you who have REAL hunger at night. I’m strictly referring to those after hour indulgences, like cake, chocolate and ice cream (or whatever else does it for you!?) that you eat when you’re emotionally hungry, NOT physically hungry!
So, HOW do you break the late night habit?
When you find yourself heading into the kitchen, try to first ask yourself the following questions:
• Do I feel physical hunger?
• Is it my mind or my belly that wants those cookies?
• Is there something else that would satisfy me instead of eating?
Typically late night eating is emotional eating (eating according to your mind, NOT your body!). And liemotional eating is often done to fill an emotional void – whether it’s boredom, loneliness OR just plain excitement.
So, when you’re feeling like you want a little treat, opt for something like a walk or a bath. And if you STILL feel like something to nibble on, try a healthy snack like watermelon, a naturally sweetened flavored yogurt or a cup of cereal (the healthy kind with skim milk, of course!).
Another example of a healthy substitute: when I find myself wanting crunchy foods like potato chips, I try popcorn, cut up carrots or snap peas – ALL are very crunchy and often times they fill that void!
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Updated: March 21, 2016 — 6:47 pm
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